April 25, 2012



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Welcome and Opening Remarks
George Church






Pioneer Session


"N=1: Pioneers of self-tracking"
Eric Alm -- 1 year daily sampling of gut microbiome
David Ewing Duncan -- experimental man
Larry Smarr -- 60 datapoints over 10 years
Moderated by Steven Dean






Breakout Session
Flash Talks (amphitheater)

PGP Exclusive (Seminar Rm, 3rd floor)


Greg Biggers -- new research paradigms
Robert Green -- translational genomics
Isaac Kohane -- contest for genome interpretation
James Musick -- merging science and social media
Gregory Stock -- biomarkers for mercury toxicity
Latanya Sweeney --
Dana Waring -- taking action: national education

Invitation-only session for all Personal Genome Project participants attending the GET Conference, PGP staff & advisors.






short break






Breakthrough Technologies


Jay Lee -- single cell sequencing
Steven Gordon -- clinical sequencing
Stefan Roever -- nanopore sequencing
Moderated by Juan Enriquez







Vignette: Exceptional Human Traits




Absolute Pitch
Peter Gregersen and Elena Kowalsky







A Genomic View of Human Origins




Svante Pääbo, PhD







Lunch: take a break, or join a discussion or activity




"Personal genomics education: Take action in your community" Discussion session, 1:15-2:00pm (Room 258) More details
Join Dana Waring, Education Director of the Personal Genetics Education Project (pgEd), and Chris Korey, Professor of Biology from the College of Charleston (also PGP participant #huA4F281) for a conversation about how you can contribute to personal genomics education. What insights do you have that could help accelerate public understanding of the advantages as well as complexities of knowing one's genome?
In addition to exchanging ideas on the most pressing issues concerning the scientific and social implications of personal genetics, participants will leave with a set of tools to conduct formal and informal sessions that can educate the public in an unbiased manner. Our premise is that PGPers have a unique and powerful voice with which to engage the general public about the hopes, realities, and ethical nuances of personal genomics.

Connected Health Pedometer Distro
1:15-2:00pm (2nd floor, Room 214)
Pedometers will be distributed to select PGP participants. More details to be announced soon.
QS Show & Tell
1:15-2:00pm (2nd floor, Room 217)
Learn about Quantified Self movement and see a few short "show and tell" talks by practitioners.






Genetics and Health 1.0
"How will genetic data be used by health care institutions?"


Ira Klein, Aetna
Eric Perakslis, FDA
Micheal Vincent, Pfizer
John Wilbanks,
Moderated by Esther Dyson






Breakout Session
Flash Talks (amphitheater)
Pete Estep -- PGP saliva to data pipeline
Jimmy Lin -- crowdfunding for rare disease
Jose Gomez-Marquez -- trickle up innovation
Holly Menninger -- wildlife of your home
Abigail Wark -- measuring circles in human evolution

Genome Workshop (Room 217)

"So, you have some genome data. What now?"
Led by Madeleine Ball, Joel Dudley, Daniel MacArthur
Genentech: Infinite Variations (Room 214)
Social media as an outreach tool for research








Prototypes of the the Future

Cells as Technology & Personalized Tissues
Geraldine Hamilton -- Organs on Chips
George Church -- Personal Pluripotent Cells, Organs & Superpowers For All







Vignette: Exceptional Human Traits




Face Blindness featuring Ken Nakayama






Wrap-up & Reception






*Agenda is subject to change