World DNA Day: April 25, 2012

Harvard Medical School
Boston, Massachussets

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April 25, 2012 at Harvard Medical School

The GET Conference is the event for people working at the frontiers of human biology. We invite leading thinkers to discuss the important ways in which new genomic technologies will affect all of our lives in the coming years and to debate their technical, commercial, and societal impacts. We bring together scientists, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, practitioners, investors, researchers, and others to discuss advances in our ability to measure and understand human biology.


Topics and themes

Omics: personal genomes, microbiomes, immunomes, metabolomes, more
Sensors: health and enviromental sensor technologies, self-tracking
Policy: access, sharing, governance, privacy, IP
Data & IT: visualization, modeling, applications, tools
Traits: measurement, interpretation, new products and practices
Medicine: preventive + predictive + personalized + participatory