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April 29-30, 2014
Cambridge MA


GET Conference

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GET Labs

Omic astronauts & crew wanted for April 29th exploratory mission Apply here

About the GET Conference on April 30th

The GET Conference brings together leading thinkers to discuss how we measure and understand people and their traits. This event explores the frontiers of understanding about human biology and serves as an annual forum to debate the technical, commercial, and societal impacts.

Each year we host world-class speakers and examine a host of issues at the bleeding (and spitting and swabbing) edge of knowledge. Last year, Nobel Laureate Wally Gilbert reminisced about the transformation of genomics in his lifetime, Steven Pinker and the Globe's Stephen Heuser held a conversation about the decline of human violence, RadioLab's Robert Krulwich and a panel of leading scientists debated what it means to volunteer to become a "human reference standard", Sandra de Castro Buffington (among the “100 Most Influential Hispanics in America") spoke about leveraging Hollywood to advance human health, and many other great speakers. Check out some of the talks from last year.

Who attends? We bring together scientists, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, practitioners, investors, advocates, researchers, and educators. Please join us!


GET Labs on April 29: Exploring Human Variation Live in 4D

The GET Conference is preceded by uniquely interactive program called GET Labs, where we bring together a cohort of highly-characterized, informed participants and a global network of collaboration-minded researchers who wish to study them. This invitation-only event aims to advance the science of human health through direct participation. In past events, we've helped research groups study human variation across a wide range of traits: flu susceptibility, brain structure, facial morphology, pluripotent stem cell establishment, etc.

Around 150 of the most well-characterized humans on earth will attend GET Labs. Over 50 of the first 100 individuals registered have open-access whole genome sequences (!), and the rest have exomes or high-density genotyping data. Many of the omic astronauts who attend GET Labs will also have had their microbiomes characterized at various bodily habitats, and may know something about the average length of their telomeres. The prospect of gaining access to these pioneers (and their data!) attracts an increasing number of research groups to join us for this event. For more info, see Labs page.


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The GET Conference & GET Labs are produced by, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose mission is to make a wide spectrum of human biological information accessible and actionable to increase biological literacy and improve human health. We support groundbreaking initiatives including the Personal Genome Project, the Open Humans Network and the GET Conference. Learn more about us at: