Icahn Institute: At the Icahn Institute, our vision is to integrate the digital universe of information to better diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. The Icahn Institute was founded in 2011 to help advance precision medicine with cutting-edge technologies, novel partnerships between the public and private sector, and world class computational and analytical resources. At Mount Sinai, our research and clinical teams work together to translate research insights to improve patient diagnostics and treatment.   Icahn
PatientsLikeMe: PatientsLikeMe is committed to putting patients first. We do this by providing a better, more effective way for you to share your real-world health experiences in order to help yourself, other patients like you, and organizations that focus on your conditions. We are a for-profit company, but not one with a “just for profit” mission. We follow four core values: putting patients first, promoting transparency (“no surprises”), fostering openness and creating “wow.” We’re guided by these values as we continually enhance our platform, where patients can share and learn from real-world, outcome-based health data. We’ve also centered our business around these values by aligning patient and industry interests through data-sharing partnerships.   PatientsLikeMe
Seven Bridges: Seven Bridges is the biomedical data analysis company accelerating breakthroughs in genomics research for cancer, drug development and precision medicine. The scalable, cloud-based Seven Bridges Platform empowers rapid, collaborative analysis of millions of genomes in concert with other forms of biomedical data. Thousands of researchers in government, biotech, pharmaceutical and academic labs use Seven Bridges, including three of the largest genomics projects in the world: U.S. National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genomics Cloud pilot, the Million Veteran Program and Genomics England’s 100,000 Genomes Project. As the NIH’s only commercial Trusted Partner, Seven Bridges authenticates and authorizes access to one of the world’s largest cancer genomics dataset.   SevenBridges
Veritas Genetics: Veritas Genetics is a global pioneer in disease prevention through accessible genetic information. By removing barriers to genetic screening, Veritas empowers individuals and doctors to make informed lifestyle decisions that enable disease prevention and longer and healthier lives. Veritas is founded by leaders in genomics from Harvard Medical School and operates globally from its offices in the U.S., Europe and China.   Veritas


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